Impressions of Loss

Composed of hand-dyed thread and handmade cotton paper, this book explores relationships between living people and their ancestors who have passed on.

Edition of 10. $150

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Geography for the Layman

This book uses abstract visual design to weave a narrative between place and story. The inspiration came from maps found in the 1960 edition of Geographie für Jedermann and from the floorplans of homes that the artist lived in throughout her childhood. The text is adapted from a traditional Irish Folk Tale entitled The Trooping Fairies.

Open Edition. $19

A limited edition of five (5) numbered and signed copies are available for purchase through the artist. Please contact to inquire. 

This book is available in an open edition as a print-on-demand book.


Pre-Order: Meet Her

"Meet Her" is an exploration of girlhood in America through the lens of material culture and storytelling. This book will reference the popular American Girl franchise. "Meet Her" will be produced in early 2021 and pre-orders will ship by April 2021. 

Edition of 30. $100

To pre-order, contact

Image by Jon Tyson


I am currently open for commissions for printed material and blank books. Commissions can be requested through my Etsy shop. 

If you are an artist interested in collaborating to produce an artist's book of your work, please contact me directly at

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